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”Pregnancy and birth are precious miracles of life.
This time deserves to be appreciated with joyous enthusiasm and respect.
Love, patience and gentle care encourages this time of your life with the compassion that is needed… ”

Marthie Beumer

Childbirth is regarded as an Act of Love – it is not just a Medical Event.

For every Mom-Baby-Family, my recommendation is …

Make informed choices, and prepare for a positive birth experience with your chosen caregiver and in the given place of birth.

My wish for you is to find inspiration and matter of fact knowledge here that will help you on your journey to become a parent.


I practiced Therapeutic Reflexology from 2008 tot 2017.
I worked as a Mama Bamba Birth Doula during 2014 – 2018

I then offered Child Birth Education as a ICEA Childbirth Educator in 2018 – 2021.

Now, I offer my resources and inspiration on this website trusting it will serve its purpose to all who strives to prepare for childbirth in an empowered way.


I have been associated in many roles with Midwives Exclusive in Pretoria.  I started off as a Therapeutic Reflexologist and with time expanded my vision and skills and became a Birth Doula.  Later on, I realized that I could reach more couples as a Childbirth Educator with the time that I had available.  It was also as a result of how I have grown.  I wanted to make use of my skills and time available, whilst balancing work-life commitments and passions during these times.

I strongly believe couples can empower themselves to a positive birth experience through holistic preparation and reflection.

Natural and Safe

I always found reflexology to be highly beneficial during pregnancy, labour and after childbirth.